It’s About Time There Was Something for Dads

Company Backgrounder 

94% of Dad-Kids bonding happens by age 18, making each and every year so important. We don’t want to just wing it, we want to be intentional about having fun experiences, teaching life lessons, and being a great Dad, because we know the years go by fast.

We are a new generation of Dads who want to do more and be more, but there still just isn’t “stuff for us.” So we decided to do something about it…and for the last 10 years we’ve been designing products and services for Dads that have helped 100K+ Dads go above and beyond during the childhood years.

We hope they provide just that little extra inspiration to have that special new memory or tradition you’ll look back on so fondly someday. They grow up fast, here’s to making the most of every year we get to spend with our kids as kids.


Our Story

I started WonderDads in 2013 because my boys were growing up too fast and I could feel the time slipping away. In fact, I did a calculation on the amount of time you spend with your kids up to high school versus after high school and found that 94% of Dad-Kids bonding happens between the ages of 0-18. It’s incredible, but so true…they really do go from being in diapers to waddling around to wanting to spend more time with their friends in the blink of an eye.

Today’s generation of Dads are different…we actively want to be involved in every way, but there wasn’t a whole lot of resources or products out there. And I wasn’t the only one feeling this way. Friend after friend was amazed there was nothing for Dads. Between trying to balance work, home and our personal life, there is just so much going on. And even though work-life balance is impossible, being a Dad is the most important job we’ll ever have.

So this began a 10-year journey of creating and testing what would become WonderDads products and services, culminating in our all-access subscription where you also get your own WonderDads Account. In your account you can create an Annual Dad Plan, save Dad Notes for each of your children, add ideas for fun experiences to your Childhood Bucket Lists, save your best Dad-Kids memories, and be inspired with hundreds of Dad Hacks we’ve come up with exclusively for our subscribers.

We’d love to be your sidekick on this amazing journey they call fatherhood, and we hope WonderDads helps inspire a few new traditions or memories you’ll back on fondly for the rest of your life.

Jonathan Aspatore
Dad to Charlie & Luca
Founder & CEO