Emergency Extinguisher Form

Emergency Extinguisher Form

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Guaranteed to extinguish multiple emergencies during the childhood years! This form enables you to have all the information you need at your fingertips in a second's notice. PLUS, whether it's a babysitter, family member, or anyone else at your house - they can access it quickly and save the day.

This laminated form comes with a wood stand to leave on a counter, or put it up on your fridge, plus a dry erase marker to enter your information.

Put this up in your house...it is guaranteed to save the day so many times!

Only $14.95 + S&H

This 7*10 Laminated Placard comes with a dry erase marker, beautiful black wood stand to put on a counter, or ready to adhere to any fridge or window.

Not only will it save the day multiple times by everyone knowing where it is, it also looks really fun and will put a smile on your face every time you walk by it!

Here are just a few of the recommended things on the form:

  • Phone Numbers for Fire, Ambulance, Police, Poison Control
  • Child Medications, Allergies, Any Medical Notes
  • Doctor & Dentist Phone #s & Nurse Hotlines
  • Where Is It - Fire Extinguisher, First-Aid Supplies, Water Valves, Power, Security, Spare Keys
  • Emergency & Neighbor Contact Information
  • Closest Hospital or Emergency Room
  • What To Do If X Happens - Leave Specific Instructions Just In Case!
  • Add Your Own Items to Customize for Your Family!

Step 1. Purchase

Step 2. Put it up on a counter, your fridge, or anywhere else you, your spouse, or babysitters can easily find it

Step 3. There's no step 3, way to go on being prepared! When something happens, and it will, see how good it feels that you took the time to put this up in your house!

"Helps me be a hero even when I'm not at home!" - Jim Dugan

"Now our babysitter, or my spouse's mother, will always know where to look to find this information." - Mark Sanchez

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