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94% of Dad-Kids bonding happens by age 18. It’s incredible, but true. This is the period of life we spend the bulk of our time together. And it goes by fast.

You turn around and your child is 2. Turn around again and they’re 12 wanting to hang out more with their friends than you. Turn around again and they’re a young man or woman heading out the door to college.

Joining WonderDads is the best investment you’ll ever make in your current and future relationship with your kids and the most worthwhile thing you’ll do today.

Join today and you’ll receive your own WonderDads Account, exclusively developed resources to embrace the childhood years, and emails around your kid’s birthdays with wisdom and fun ideas tailored to their specific ages. Here’s what else:

  • WonderDads Weekly, The #1 Dad Magazine, Delivered Digitally Every Friday With Incredibly Fun Dad-Kids Ideas Every Week
  • Access Valuable Resources Like Creating an Annual Dad Plan & Dad Visioning
  • Plan Fun Dad-Kids Experiences, Trips & Traditions at Every Age
  • The WonderDads Way Book, Best-Selling Book on Work-Life Balance as a Dad
  • Receive Dad Alerts on Kid’s Social Media, Safety & Other Important Dad Stuff
  • Discover Incredibly Useful Dad Wisdom at Every Age 0-18
  • Save Dad Notes & Reminders Related to Each of Your Children
  • Create Childhood Bucket Lists of Fun Things to do Together
  • Save Your Best Dad-Kids Memories in a Cool Visual Timeline
  • Your Own WonderDads Account to Save All Your Dad Stuff, All in One Place

Join WonderDads today...they grow up fast!

Step 1: After joining, you’ll go to an Account Set Up Page to enter your kid’s ages and what matters to you most as a Dad.

Step 2: Your account will be personalized just for you, and you’ll now have one spot for all your Dad stuff, all in one place.

Step 3: There’s no step 3, just sit back and wait, we’ve got you covered now throughout the childhood years.

Join WonderDads today...they grow up fast!

Because for too long we’ve had to “wing it” as a Dad, and there has never been a go-to resource for Dads that’s simple, fun, and gives you so many ways to embrace your kid’s childhood years. Here are a few more reasons…

  1. Don’t waste time trying to search for resources, life lessons, how to guides, or things to do with your kids. WonderDads provides ALL of that exactly when you need it!
  2. Start creating traditions with your kids now so that you can keep making memories together as they grow up into adulthood.
  3. Your WonderDads Account helps you be intentional about planning fun experiences, what you want to teach them, and saving your best Dad-Kids memories.
  4. With resources like creating an Annual Dad Plan, Dad Alerts, Before-They-Grow-Up-Lists and more, you're not just winging it as a Dad.
  5. Because 94% of Dad-Kids bonding happens by age 18…every year is so different, unique and meaningful.

Join WonderDads today...they grow up fast!

"I have long prided myself on being a creative and involved Father, but the resources and accountability that WonderDads has provided is absolutely inspiring.” - Sven Olson

“WonderDads provides an intentional platform to plan, implement, and invest in the moments which will positively impact the relationship between a Father and his or her child…” - Charles Gramatges

“WonderDads is a great resource. I think more Dads need to know about it, and understand how beneficial it can be for them as well as their children.” - Earl Miller

Join WonderDads today...they grow up fast!

Why 147k+ Dads Love WonderDads


“WonderDads opens the imagination door with your kids.”

Jeff Pinegar

Dad to Sal (Age 14), Scarlett (Age 7) and Savanah (Age 5)


"Finally! A group and resource I can go to that meets my vision to be the best Dad I can be.”

Charles Lopez

Dad to 3 Kids (Ages 3, 5, and 26) 


Helps me make the most out of this amazing ride called Fatherhood.”

Scott B.

Dad to 4 Kids (Ages 2, 5, 7, and 9)