WOW Birthday Art For Your Child - Dad Made This!
WOW Birthday Art For Your Child - Dad Made This!

WOW Birthday Art For Your Child - Dad Made This!

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Give your child a "WOW!!!!" birthday gift this year!

Give your child a unique gift this year they’ll have forever…Birthday Art. So many things happen each year, and Birthday Art is the perfect way to capture these memories now before they become forgotten, and to put them on a piece of art that is kept forever.

Whether it’s remembering a family trip you took, their favorite song or movie of the year, or a funny story that happened to them this year, these priceless memories captured on a piece of art are a truly priceless gift (and something that is not going to end up in a drawer and never used again like so many other types of gifts).

And did we mention how great it feels to have this up on a wall, and to have a constant reminder of some of the highlights of that year? Birthday Art is a unique gift that shows you went the extra mile to create something for them that will be appreciated for years to come!

Price: $59.95 + S&H

Whether your child is turning 1, 11 or 16, Birthday Art is the perfect gift that keeps on giving…they’ll love when they open it, as well as every year thereafter as they look back on the fun memories from that year of their life that you took the time to capture and record on a piece of art just for them.

Birthday art is 11x17 in size and includes a beautiful hanger frame ready to put up on their wall.

It's also a constant reminder of how Dad went the extra step in creating this memorable and meaningful gift!

Step 1: Order Birthday Art today, it will ship out immediately to you.

Step 2: When it arrives, take a few minutes and fill it in - the best memories of the last year, funny things that happened, and even taping onto it any memorabilia such as pictures, tickets. etc. Wait until you see how fun this actually this!

Step 3: There's no step 3, just sit back and wait for them to open it and appreciate the look on their face...way to go Dad!

“My child did a happy dance right in front of me and then demanded we put it on her wall immediately!” Brad Jameson

“OMG I love it!” - Sasha Cohen (Child)

“Wow, you did this?” - Cooper Fields (Child)

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