Best-Selling Dad Book on Work-Life Balance & FUN!

Best-Selling Dad Book on Work-Life Balance & FUN!

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94% of Dad-Kids bonding happens by age 18. It’s incredible, but true. This is the period of life we spend the bulk of our time together. And it goes by fast.

You turn around and your child is 2. Turn around again and they’re 12 wanting to hang out more with their friends than you. Turn around again and they’re a young man or woman heading out the door to college.

Whether you have a newborn or high-schooler, it’s never too late or too early to invest in creating incredibly fun and unique experiences with your kids. The WonderDads Way helps Dads do just that…see why so many Dads LOVE this book.

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The WonderDads Way provides just the spark you need to start having more extraordinary moments with your kids and the reassurance of knowing you did everything you could to be a great Dad.

Chapter 1 - You're 60 Minutes Away From Having 10x the Fun During Your Kid's Childhood Years (Ages 0-12)

Chapter 2 - Crushing It as a Busy Dad (Despite Work & the 800 Other Responsibilities You Have)

Chapter 3 - The WonderDads Playbook: Five Ways to Help You Be a Legendary Dad

Chapter 4 - Finding Your Dad Identity

Chapter 5 - The Most Important 5-Minute Chapter You Will Ever Read as a Dad (And Guaranteed to Make Your Next 5-Years Your Best Ever as a Dad)

Buy the book today…they grow up fast!

Step 1: Buy the book, we’ll ship it out immediately.

Step 2: Read book in literally an hour…it’s fun, light and full of great ideas.

Step 3: There’s no step 3, the book is guaranteed to inspire you with ideas for how to embrace the childhood years, see which you like the best!

Buy the book today…they grow up fast!

"Reading this book was the most inspiring 60-minutes I've ever spent as a Dad...I wish I had read this book years ago."- John Riley, Dad to Matthew (Age 13) and Huck (Age 11)

"Inspiring, hilarious, intimate, and insanely great ideas for a busy Dad." - Andrew Burdick, Dad to Ava (Age 1)

"Implementing just one of the many great suggestions from this book can make you into an even bigger hero to your kid than you already are." - Miles Holden, Dad to Noah (Age 12), Liat (Age 10) and Isaac (Age 8)

"Brilliant in its practicality and touching in its honesty and gives all Dads an amazing roadmap for how to provide an unforgettable childhood for their kids." - Dallas Bond, First Child on the way

"A page by page exposé on patience, planning and play in the unpredictable, imperfect world of parenting. The WonderDads Way offers Dads a humble and humorous helping hand to supercharge their time with their kids." - Daniel Schmieding, Dad to Benjamin (Age 6) and Jackson (Age 3)

Buy the book today…they grow up fast!

Why 147k+ Dads Love WonderDads


“WonderDads opens the imagination door with your kids.”

Jeff Pinegar

Dad to Sal (Age 14), Scarlett (Age 7) and Savanah (Age 5)


"Finally! A group and resource I can go to that meets my vision to be the best Dad I can be.”

Charles Lopez

Dad to 3 Kids (Ages 3, 5, and 26) 


Helps me make the most out of this amazing ride called Fatherhood.”

Scott B.

Dad to 4 Kids (Ages 2, 5, 7, and 9)