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WonderDads Hack #7

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Your Own WonderDads Account

All your Dad stuff, all in one place.

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Dad Alerts

We’ve got you covered as things emerge.

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The WonderDads Way

Best-selling book full of ways to embrace the childhood years. Download it now.

WonderDads Hack #286

Dad-Kids Memories

Have one place to save your best Dad-Kids memories.

WonderDads Hack #217

Childhood Buckets Lists

Start yours now, they grow up fast!

WonderDads Hack #162

Birthday Letters

The best gift ever on your kid’s birthdays.

WonderDads Hack #297

Life Lessons

How to teach your kids the most important and tricky things as they grow up.

WonderDads Hack #249

In-Case-of-Emergency Form

Print and place it on your fridge!

WonderDads Hack #177

Annual Dad Plan

If you do one thing a year as a Dad, this is it.

WonderDads Hack #127

Dad A.I.

Alerts and inspiration for your kid's exact ages - emailed to you throughout the year.

WonderDads Hack #151


Quick ideas, activities and advice for Dads.

WonderDads Hack #134

Daddy Day

One day a month, just you and the kids…magical.

WonderDads Hack #225

Dad Visioning

What kind of children do you want to raise?

WonderDads Hack #234

What’s Your Dad Identity?

What makes you unique as a Dad?

WonderDads Hack #257

Annual Dad-Kids Trip

The single best annual tradition for Dads.

WonderDads Hack #248

Screen Free Sundays

Healthy for everyone, creates great memories.

WonderDads Hack #223

How Long Until College Calculator

This will blow your mind…see how many days until college!

WonderDads Hack #292

Conversation Starters

Take a break from the music and use this in the car

WonderDads Hack #140

(Future) WonderDads Ranch

Someday, we’re building a ranch for Dads and kids.